Biolin Scientific acquires key patent

Posted on January 27, 2015

Biolin Scientific has acquired a patent from Xention Ltd. that protects multi-hole high-throughput patch clamp analysis. This acquisition strengthens the position of the Sophion brand as the leader in high-throughput ion channel screening using patch clamp technology. 


Biolin Scientific today announces the acquisition of a key patent related to performing multi-hole, high-throughput ion channel screening.

“We are pleased to strengthen our position as the leaders in high-throughput ion channel screening and this patent, along with Sophion Qube™, our new instrument platform for high-through put screening, will enable us to screen hundreds of thousands of compounds in our continuing efforts to support and speed up drug discovery”, says Morten Sunesen, VP of Drug Discovery Systems at Biolin Scientific.

The patent describes a method for ensuring high data quality by analyzing multiple cells and thus multiple sets of ion channels under one experimental condition, thus providing extremely high data quality and a truly high throughput screening method.

Biolin Scientific CEO, Johan von Heijne states, “This acquisition underlines our commitment to moving further into high throughput ion channel screening and is an important support and milestone related to the recent launch of the Sophion Qube ion channel screening platform. Additionally, this acquisition affirms our intent to vigorously protect and expand our broad range of intellectual property and to invest in new technologies.”