Biolin Scientific launches new software

Posted on February 3, 2015

Biolin Scientific launches new software that optimizes contact angle measurements for industrial quality control.

contact angle measurement software

Biolin Scientific today launches a new software module, OneAttension QC, that enables batch mode analysis of industrial surfaces. The software will support quality control analysis in the coatings, automotive, medical device and paper industries.

The core of the module is a new measurement mode enabling optimized performance for quality control measurements. With a simple measurement procedure, the software will automatically provide the operator with an overview of the wettability of different samples and materials.

This data will prove valuable in quality control by helping to detect defects in the production early in the process. OneAttension QC data can be easily interpreted, exported, plotted, or reported as a quality control report of the samples.

Product Manager Jyrki Korpela states, “The launch of the OneAttension QC software is the next step in enabling true industrial contact angle measurements, enabling higher throughput, faster and simpler data acquisition, analysis and reporting”.