Charles River has added a Sophion Qube 384 to their ion channel capabilities

Posted on November 15, 2016

Charles River recently expanded its ion channel capabilities through the addition of a Sophion Qube 384-well automated patch-clamp platform with stacker


We are very proud to announce that Charles River Laboratories has acquired a Qube384 Automated Patch Clamp (APC) System. Charles River’s expanded ion channel drug discovery work highlights their continued dedication to high-throughput screening as a mechanism for studying disorders in a variety of therapeutic indications.

Sophion Vice President Thais Johansen states “We have partnered closely with Charles River for many years, having several Sophion QPatch instruments as a key offering for ion channel safety and characterization. We will now look forward to the extension of this partnership with Qube384 for high-throughput screening”.

Qube384 is a giga-seal based automated patch clamp instrument that enables recording of small currents from the flow of ions through large integral membrane proteins called ion channels. Ion channel function covers a broad range of functionalities from the sensation and transmission of pain to the control of heart beat and learning and memory. The malfunction of ion channel behavior can lead to many type of diseases and ion channel modulators play an important role in treating and even curing these diseases. Read much more about Qube384 here.