New Analytical Tool For Enhanced Oil Recovery

Posted on March 10, 2015

Biolin Scientific today announces the launch of the Attension High Pressure Chamber that enables surface analysis at experimental conditions mimicking oil reservoirs. 


The unique features of the chamber enable operation at temperatures of 200°C and pressures of 400 bar and precise measurements of contact angle, interfacial tension and wettability. Additionally, the chamber will support analysis of analytes including asphaltenes, surfactants and supercritical CO2 to support the Oil and Gas industry’s efforts towards more efficient oil recovery. The chamber is an advanced add-on to the versatile Attension Theta Tensiometer.

“We are extremely pleased to launch Attention High Pressure Chamber with its enhanced capabilities at high temperatures and pressures to support the Oil and Gas industry. This new addition greatly improves the capabilities and scope of our range of tensiometers” says Johan Westman, Vice President, Analytical Instruments.

Biolin Scientific CEO Johan von Heijne states, “The launch of the Attension HPC signals our continuing intent to develop and provide new tools for industrial applications in for example the oil and gas industry. We’re excited to enable the development of improved oil recovery and limit environmental impact.”

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For more information a launch webinar will be held on the 31st March