No instrument-to-instrument variation on Sophion Qube384

Posted on May 30, 2016

In electrophysiology literature values for IC50 can range from a few nM to several hundred µM for a specific compound. Variations are caused by many parameters such as the cell line itself, the growth conditions, measurement platform, voltage protocol, solutions etc.

To access the repeatability (inter-instrument variation) of Sophion Qube384 we performed a few studies on hERG with well-known reference compounds (Cisapride, Terfenadine and Verapamil). Studies were performed on two different Qube instruments with same protocols on the same day.

We found that inter-instrument variation was very low with IC50 values with a max/min ratio of 1.08, 1.01 and 1.38 respectively for the three reference compounds.

We have worked hard on optimizing both Qube384 and QChip performance to increase robustness and ensure high repeatability and reproducibility. It sure looks like we have succeeded.Qube_InstrumentVariation_MultiholeQchips