Q-Sense Dfind – improved analysis software

Posted on October 13, 2016

Biolin Scientific announces today that the company has launched a new, improved version of its QCM-D analysis software.

The new software, called Q-Sense Dfind, is designed to save time and money for surface scientists working in academic and industrial labs. With a more intuitive and graphical interface, Dfind will make it easier for scientists to extract, quantify and compare real-time data from Q-Sense surface science experiments.


The launch version of Q-Sense Dfind includes the following features:

  • Visco-elastic modelling at your fingertips.
  • Analyse QCM-D in automated batch mode.
  • Less input. More output. With preset parameters, methods and reports.


Biolin Scientific’s Vice President for Analytical Instruments, Johan Westman, comments,

“We’re very excited to launch Q-Sense Dfind. This new and easy-to-use software will enable more scientists to harness the power of Q-Sense – making their surface experiments faster, easier and more reliable. This launch version is just the beginning. We are very much looking forward to work closely with our customers and the scientific community to continuously develop Dfind in line with their feedback, and to satisfy their needs now and in the future.”


For more information about Q-Sense Dfind software, please visit http://www.biolinscientific.com/product/q-sense-dfind/


For more information, please contact:
Jamie Smith – Communications Manager
Telephone: +46 723 757507; Email: Jamie.Smith@biolinscientific.com