Biolin Scientific - New Name and New Web Site

Biolin AB (publ) is the Swedish parent company of the Biolin group, an analytical instruments provider focused on the nano-scale study of interfaces.

Biolin AB (publ) held its Annual Shareholders’ meeting in Malmö, Sweden on May 7, 2009, and decided to change the company name to Biolin Scientific AB (publ). The company names of the subsidiaries are also changed in the US to Biolin Scientific, Inc. (formerly Biolin, Inc.) and in Finland to Biolin Scientific Oy (formerly Oy KSV Instruments Ltd).

From May 11, 2009, the group is operating and trading as “Biolin Scientific”.

”The change of our name marks our strategic direction, following the lasts years structural changes in the business of the group. Biolin Scientific is the name under which the group’s consolidated customer service and production organization will operate, alongside the product brands and product organizations that are established since before.” says Fredrik Lindgren, CEO of Biolin Scientific.

Brands in the Biolin Scientific group will continue to be available as “Q-Sense”, “KSV”, “KSV Instruments”, Nima”, “Nima Technology”, “Attension” and “Osstell”.

Biolin Scientific also opened its new web site on May 11, 2009, The main language of the web site is English. Information for investors will continue to be provided in the Swedish language.

For more information, please contact:

-          Fredrik Lindgren, CEO,

-          Maria Johansson, CFO,

-          Jan Wahlström, Sales Director, jan.wahlströ

-          Sauli Törmälä, Supply Director,

-          Ted Ternander, Managing Director US,

Fredrik Lindgren Biolin Scientific AB (publ)
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Telephone: +46 31 769 7690
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Biolin Scientific is an analytical instruments provider focused on the nano-scale study of interfaces. 
Our customers are primarily researchers within academic research, research institutes and the industrial sector