Biolin Scientific publish summary of 2010 year end report

As a result of Ratos’ public offer to the shareholders of Biolin Scientific, Biolin Scientific will be included in the 2010 year-end report that Ratos publishes on February 17. Because of that Biolin Scientific reschedules the announcement of a summary of the 2010 financial statements. The last trading day in the Biolin-share on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm is February 22 and Biolin Scientific will not publish any final year-end report on the ordinary reporting date February 23. This report has not been reviewed by the company's auditors.


Full year 2010

* Sales SEK 142m (137) and EBITA SEK 12m (12)

* Weaker result in the fourth quarter mainly due to negative currency effects and postponed order

* Ratos made a public offer for Biolin Scientific in November and at 31 December owned 88.12% of shares and votes after full dilution. The offer has been extended through 24 February and compulsory acquisition of the remaining shares will be initiated shortly. The final day for trading on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm is 22 February. Biolin Scientific is included in Ratos’s earnings with effect from 1 January 2011. Ratos’s holding in Biolin Scientific amounted to 88% and the consolidated book value in Ratos was SEK 269 m at 31 December 2010. On 17 February 2011 Ratos owned 95% of Biolin Scientific.

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