Q-Sense E4 Auto order in the US



Gothenburg, Sweden, June 12, 2009



Q-Sense E4 Auto order in the US


Biolin Scientific has received an order for its Q-Sense E4 Auto from . The order value is SKr 1.3 million and thereby the largest order ever for a Q-Sense product.

The order concerns a Q-Sense E4 Auto with microscopy option and humidity module. The customer is the Bioengineering Research Center at the University of Kansas (BERC).

For Biolin Scientific and Q-Sense, the order from Kansas University represents an opportunity to work with a customer that is well focused on interdisciplinary research in bioengineering. The order represents how the Q-Sense and its QCM-D technology can be used to solve multiple research and development problems in one central lab.

For further information, please contact:
-          Fredrik Lindgren, CEO Biolin Scientific, fredrik.lindgren@biolinscientific.com
-          Jan Wahström, Sales Director Biolin Scientific, jan.wahlstrom@biolinscientific.com
-          Stephen Hussey, US National Sales Manager, stephen.hussey@biolinscientific.com 

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