Qube – High Throughput Screening

Sophion Qube is the next generation high-throughput system for ion channel screening, intended for use in laboratories with a need for thousands of data points per day. Qube finally bridges the gap between high-throughput and high quality in ion channel assays.

Features & Benefits 

  • Up to 30,000 compounds tested/24 h ensures high throughput
  • 384 dedicated amplifiers and pipettes enable 384 simultaneous whole cell patch clamp recordings in parallel
  • Full automation configuration for minimal personnel hands-on time
    • Stacker allowing 6,000 wells tested with a single click on a button 
  • Temperature control to both ensure stable experimental conditions and to study temperature effects on kinetics and pharmacology
  • Current clamp can be used interchangeably with voltage clamp on all 384 sites
  • The consumable, QChip 384 offers:
    • Gigaseal technology for high data quality
    • Single-hole when series resistance is desired, 10-hole versions as standard for high success rate screening and varying number of holes for assay development to find the optimal number of holes in the QChip 384.
    • Micro-fluidic channels for optimized liquid exchange
  • Integrated electrodes to ensure uniform and stable recordings as well as to avoid maintenance
  • ViewPoint user interface for easy setup, execution of experiments
  • Sophion Analyzer for powerful, automatic and thorough analysis 


  • Primary and secondary screening of any ion channel
  • Single concentration screening
  • Concentration-response characterization both as across plate and as cumulative concentrations

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Product details

Qube can be used for primary and secondary screening of any ion channel of interest. Our vast experience of planar patch clamp from the QPatch products has been utilized to create gigaseal recording substrates and flow channels for liquid exchange in the QChip 384 measurement plates. With 384 parallel measurement sites and as little as 10–15 minutes per plate run, the Qube enables testing of more than 1 500 compounds in one hour. With full automation features – a plate stacker and cell preparation unit – for unattended operation, the system provides walk-away functionality. Qube is easy to operate, with user-friendly software for experiment setup, and automated data analysis and data export.

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