About our products

Sophion is proud to present a range of the most flexible automated patch clamp systems on the market today: the QPatch product family and the Qube 384 system.

The QPatch product family comes in three versions, with 8, 16 or 48 simultaneous and individually controlled patch clamp recordings for QPatch 8, QPatch 16 and QPatch HT.

Qube provides 384 simultaneous recordings.

Our products build on high-quality state-of-the art technologies for automated patch clamp:

  • Uncompromised data quality
  • Voltage- and ligand-gated applications
  • Single- and multi-hole measurements
  • Unattended operation
  • On-board cell preparation
  • Liquid-handling robot
  • Current and voltage clamp
  • 100% R-series compensation
  • Comprehensive data analysis software

If you are looking for an automated patch clamp system please check out this guide

Qube - high throughput screening
QPatch - automated patch clamp systems
QCells - optimized cell lines
Accessories & Consumables