Biophysics – 61st Annual Meeting

11 February 2017 – 15 February 2017

Going to Biophysics in 2017? 

See you in New Orleans for Biophysics 2017.

Meet us at our booth #508 where you will get at chance to see the Qube 384 with stacker in action. 

Hopefully you will also be joining us for the annual satellite meeting taking place on Friday 10th February. We can proudly present Sarah Lilley, Sussex Drug Discovery Centre, Sussex University, who will give a talk titled: TMEM16A: High-throughput Functional Screening Approaches to a Novel Therapeutic Target.

Also Aamir Ahmed, King’s College London, United Kingdom will present QPatch data. Title: Drug Discovery for Cancer Therapy: a Combination of High Throughput Electrophysiology and Live Cell and Calcium Imaging

On Tuesday 14th February we have a poster session:

Abstract Title: Voltage- and current clamp on induced pluripotent
cardiomyocytes with automated patch clamp

Senior application scientist Weifeng Yu will be prensenting the data.

Poster Session Title: Posters: Other Channels I – Location: Halls B2-C, Program Number: 2038-Pos, Poster Board Number: B358