Q-Sense Basic Training

28 November 2017 – 29 November 2017

Get more out of your experiments and time invested in the laboratory!

Need to optimize your QCM-D lab skills or expand your knowledge on QCM-D data analysis?
Sign up for a training course at our headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The basic course, which is suitable for first time users, as well as experienced practitioners, will walk you through every step in QCM-D experimental design, hands-on operations, data output analysis and basic data modeling.

Our training center is located in Göteborg, Sweden, where we have our state-of-the-art QCM-D applications laboratory. The lab is equipped with the full Q-Sense product range. At this site we also have our product innovation center where we develop all Q-Sense instruments as well as the Q-Sensors.

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Click here an overview of our training programs in PDF format.