Optimal cleanliness plays an important part in many application segments, e.g. preparation and processing of silicon wafers for semiconductor industry, and packaging materials for food and pharmaceutical products. Cleanliness control is also essential in food factories, hospitals and in process plants. The efficiency of cleaning and detergent formulations can be evaluated by contact angle measurement.

The surface free energies of clean and treated surfaces are directly correlated to the cleanliness and surface composition. Contact angle is one of the most sensitive of all surface analytical techniques since even the top nanometer of the surface influences wetting behavior. As a simple and fast measuring technique, contact angle is commonly utilized to follow the cleaning process and the effectiveness of cleaning solutions. Therefore, contact angle measurements are a highly suitable quality control method in areas where cleanliness control is crucial.

Attension provides a range of user-friendly instruments, the Theta and Sigma series, for surface energy determination and contact angle measurements. Automated Theta gives an user-independent and quick method for the quality control of surfaces and their cleanliness.