< 5 min

Wettability of fiber reinforced composites

For the mechanical performance of the composite, the adhesion between fiber and the matrix is of utmost importance.

> 7 min

Analyzing CMP slurry additive interaction with a ceramic surface

Read this case example where QSense QCM-D was used to analyze the interaction between a ceramic surface and different slurry additives.

< 3 min

Hydrophobic surfaces – How hydrophobic coatings are used and studied?

Hydrophobic coatings are used in many consumers products. Contact angle measurements can be used to study them.

~ 10 min

Combined QCM-D and Ellipsometry – how to setup the data capture

Read about how to setup the data capture of a combined QCM-D and ellipsometry measurement.

~ 5 min

Analysis of surfaces with contact angle hysteresis

Contact angle hysteresis can tell you about the homogeneity of your surface coating.

6 min

QCM vs QCM-D - what is the difference?

Compared to QCM, QCM-D measures an additional parameter, and provides more information about the system under study.

< 4 min

7 analytical methods for model membrane characterization

To characterize model membrane platforms, such as vesicles, monolayers, and bilayers, it is often necessary to use more than one analysis method.

> 3 min

What are anti-fogging surfaces?

Anti-fogging coatings can be studied with contact angle measurements.

< 7 min

QSense analysis in virus research – a user case example

Read about how QSense technology can be used in virus research and how the QCM-D data helps analyze the competition for membrane receptors

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