~ 14 min

Analyzing bacterial adhesion in the gut to strengthen the health-promoting properties of probiotics

Read about the complexity of the microbiome, and resent research on how to make a better probiotic.

~ 5 min

Wettability of Li-ion batteries

The wettability of different parts of Li-ion batteries is a key issue in terms of manufacturing, performance, and safety of the batteries.

< 17 min

Using QCM-D in the development of broad-spectrum antiviral drugs

Read about two cases where QSense QCM-D technology was used to explore viral membrane disruption and an antiviral strategy towards pandemic preparedness.

> 6 min

Collecting quality data - QCM-D baseline basics

A prerequisite for successful data analysis is good input data. Learn about the key characteristics of a quality baseline and how to get there.

~ 5 min

The sensitivity distribution at the QCM crystal surface

Read about the QCM mass sensitivity distribution, what it looks like and how it affects the quantification of the data.

> 15 min

A set of technologies to use in a biointerfaces lab

The range of technologies that could be used in a biointerfaces lab is vast. We talked to Dr. Jenny Malmstrom, University of Auckland to learn more.

< 5 min

Wettability of fiber reinforced composites

For the mechanical performance of the composite, the adhesion between fiber and the matrix is of utmost importance.

> 7 min

Analyzing CMP slurry additive interaction with a ceramic surface

Read this case example where QSense QCM-D was used to analyze the interaction between a ceramic surface and different slurry additives.

< 3 min

Hydrophobic surfaces – How hydrophobic coatings are used and studied?

Hydrophobic coatings are used in many consumers products. Contact angle measurements can be used to study them.

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