Dynamic contact angle

~ 5 min

Analysis of surfaces with contact angle hysteresis

Contact angle hysteresis can tell you about the homogeneity of your surface coating.

> 5 min

Advancing and receding contact angles for full wetting characterization

One should always measure the advancing and the receding contact angle to get the true picture of the surface wettability.

> 8 min

7 ways to measure contact angle

Due to a wide range of applications, the measurement of wettability, i.e., the contact angle measurement can be done with several different methods.

~ 2 min

Evaluation of functional coatings

More and more research interest is being put on functional coatings. New measurement techniques are required to evaluate them.

< 3 min

How to measure contact angle hysteresis and roll-off angle by tilting method?

Contact angle hysteresis is often measured with so-called tilting cradle or plate method. The measurement can be done either manually or automatically.

> 2 min

Automated dynamic contact angle measurement with the needle method

Dynamic contact angle measurements with the needle method has been automated for reliable and repeatable results.

> 3 min

How to measure contact angle hysteresis?

Contact angle hysteresis can be measured with optical (needle and tilting methods) and force (Wilhelmy method) tensiometers.

> 2 min

What is contact angle hysteresis?

Contact angle hysteresis (CAH) is an important physical phenomenon. When you look through the window on a rainy day, you have probably noticed that some of the water droplets stick to the glass even though gravity is pulling them down. The phenomenon can be explained by contact angle hysteresis.

< 3 min

Why measure dynamic contact angles?

Contact angles are routinely measured as they offer simple, yet extremely sensitive measurement method for surface characterization. Although, the static contact angle is an excellent tool, more in-depth understanding of the surface properties require dynamic contact angle measurements.

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