Mar 29, ’21

Meet Theta Flow

The new premium optical tensiometer is remarkably easy to use, brings automation to a new high, and offers improved accuracy with its high-end camera.

Mar 17, ’21

New home for sensors online

We have made a new home for QSense sensors online. Browse all sensors to find your best match, learn more, and request a quote with a single click.

Dec 4, ’20

A perfect time to refill your stock of sensors or invest in a module

Until the end of 2020, we give you a 10% discount when ordering your QSense Sensors and selected QSense Modules expanding your work with QCM-D.

Oct 9, ’20

InstruMentor helps customers find the right instrument

Our popular tool InstruMentor is now also available for QSense customers looking for the top options of QCM-D instruments.

Jul 2, ’20

Find your way to in-depth knowledge in Academy

We created a new place to dive into knowledge on surface science. Visit the Academy to find your pick!

Jul 2, ’20

Theta Flex to Red Dot Online Exhibition

Our award-winning instrument Theta Flex is now featured in Red Dot Online Exhibition. The jury is points to the clear aesthetics and user friendliness.

Jul 2, ’20

Theta Flex wins a Red Dot 2020

Our instrument was elected Best of the best at the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2020 - a winner in the world’s most renowned design competition. 

Jul 2, ’20

Welcome LB Roll-to-roll and LB Lite

We are really excited to present two new KSV NIMA instruments. Roll-to-Roll LB and LB Lite.

Feb 26, ’19

Launch of Attension Theta Flex

Launch of Attension Theta Flex

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