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Open position - Sensor Manager

We now have an open position for a Sensor Manager at Biolin Scientific head office in Gothenburg Office. This broad and technically challenging role will include sensor development, manage, and secure in-house sensor production processes accompanied by timely deliveries as well as quality and efficiency requirements. This position will include worldwide customer visits as Biolin Scientific sensor expert representative. The responsibility will include:


  • Manage and lead the sensor production team and taking part in manufacturing as necessary
  • Continuously develop surface materials, product and process quality, manufacturability and efficiency including suppliers
  • Develop and manufacture sensors with tailored coating as requested by the customer, taking an active part in developing new surfaces
  • Be proactive and responsive to distribution partner’s and customer’s needs
  •  Communicate both externally and internally about sensor-related technical topics and customer issues and provide excellent technical support
  • Follow market trends and needs to be a step ahead of developing new surfaces
  •  Responsible for keeping production and development environment, equipment etc. in a clean and good condition
  • Take an active part in other sensor-related activities, as separately agreed
  • Introduce new techniques if appropriate, for thin film deposition 


  • Minimum a master’s degree preferably in Surface Science or similar
  • Knowledge and/or well oriented and experienced in thin film deposition technology and in-depth knowledge of RF sputtering
  • familiar with the interpretation of analytical readout of deposited material (such as XPS, AFM, TOF-Sims)
  • Need to be well familiar with crystal growth and thin material build-up using a variety of targets
  • The position requires fluent verbal and written English.

Some years’ experience in an industrial setting is considered as an advantage.

You have a good drive to operate organized and effectively with excellent team working skills and have the ability to communicate technical results concisely. Microsoft Office skills and knowledge at a moderate to a high level.  Experience of working under a quality system and familiar with a production planning system (Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)) is considered as a merit.  

And perhaps most importantly, good motivation for work. The work is very self-contained, you need to have a good drive, but you are also closely involved in the many functions in Biolin.

If this is your job, please submit your application and CV to Note that the position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.