For the love of science

We care about the work that scientists do and the progress they achieve. By staying close to them, we understand their challenges as well. This helps us provide high-quality solutions for ion channel drug discovery, the characterization of new materials and chemicals, and the development of more rational use of energy.

We nurture an environment where people can explore possibilities, test new ideas, and take measured risks—in science, in product development, and in developing new business. If you love science as much as we do, then you’ll love working here too.

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Join Our Team as Global Technical Product Manager for QSense Portfolio

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Application Deadline: August 23rd, 2024

(Interviews start from August 1st, 2024)

Meet our employees

Get to know a few of our employees and find out why they chose to work within science. 


"I was always curious about the how's and the why's of the world, so a career in science felt natural."

Dr. Malin Edvardsson
Senior Content Manager for QSense

Ph.D. in Physics - Chalmers University Of Technology


"The work we do at Biolin Scientific supports scientific research making the world a better place. I am proud to be a part of our core business - developing new technology, helping our customers to explore the world of surface science."

Peter Svensson, R&D Manager


"I joined science because I really enjoy being where new solutions and new possibilities are developed."

Jennie Ringberg
Technical Product Manager for QSense

Master of Science, Bioengineering - Chalmers University of Technology


"I have always been fascinated by things that we can do in science and I keep wanting to learn more."

Patricia Passanesi
Application Scientist

Master of Science, Nanotechnology - Chalmers Univerity of Technology 


"The passion to learn about the molecular world which existed behind all of our everyday surroundings inspired to me pursue a career in science."

Dr. Usha Devi
Regional Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

Ph.D. in Chemistry - University of Manchester


"I always like puzzles, so a career in science felt natural to me."

Dr. Susanna Laurén
Global Product Manager for Attension and KSV NIMA

Doctor of Science and Technology - Aalto University