Working and doing business at Biolin Scientific

Biolin is an analytical instruments and life science tools provider with products used for scientific purposes in research & development and drug discovery applications. We are a global company supporting academic, governmental and industrial customers to reach new frontiers in their research. Our markets are demanding and innovation, quality and ethics are key values to us in serving our customer base. For Biolin Scientific it is a business opportunity as well as a sustainability measure to adhere to the Code of Working and Doing Business at Biolin Scientific.

Our code is supported by local and global laws and regulations such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN Global Compact and the Extortion and Bribery in International Business Transactions. The code is a clear guide to us at Biolin Scientific on how to act when dealing with customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders when making business transactions, as well as how to act as responsible citizens. 

The code of working and doing business at Biolin Scientific

  • We always act in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and we refrain from any business or action that may result in a breach of applicable laws and regulations.
  • We do not accept the use of child labour or forced labour.
  • We shall provide a safe and healthy workplace.
  • We shall be respectful of our employees’ rights to join and form independent trade unions and freedom of association.
  • We shall aim to minimize our environmental impact.
  • We do not accept improper payments, bribery or extortion in any form.
  • We always act with loyalty and honesty.
  • We use Biolin Scientific resources only for business purposes, and we protect and respect Biolin Scientific intellectual property.
  • We shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations on use of personal data.
  • We shall act in the best interests of Biolin Scientific and disregard any personal preference or advantage.
  • We shall promote the elimination of discrimination and treat each other with dignity and respect, as well as provide equal opportunities to develop each other’s careers. We do not accept any form of harassment, such as verbal abuse or sexual harassment, of any employee, supplier or customer.

For questions regarding the Code, please contact the CEO of Biolin Scientific.

Biolin Scientific supports UNHCR.