• 16th European Conference on Organized Films (ECOF16) (Conference)

    8–12 Jul
    Paris, France
    @ Université Paris Descartes, Centre universitaire des Saints-Pères, Paris

    The aim of this meeting is to promote multidisciplinary approaches for a better understanding of fundamental aspects of film formation and organization in the area of basic and applied research.

  • The Advanced Materials Show (Conference)

  • The 3rd International QCM-D Scientific Conference & the 6th QSense User Meeting (Conference)

    21–22 Aug
    Dalian, China
    @ Hi-Chance(Dalian) Science & Technology Center Hotel, Dalian, China

    The 3rd International QCM-D Scientific Conference & the 6th QSense User Meeting will be held in Dalian China, by School of Bioengineering, Dalian University of Technology and Biolin Scientific AB.
    This conference will also have a poster display. If you would like to share your research progress with other scientists, send us your posters and let us share the novelty and joy of scientific research with you!
    The language for the poster: English or Chinese, size: 800 mm× height 1200 mm. Please send it to the email: lauren.li@biolinscientific.com If you can’t come in person, we will happy to print it for you.
    Invited Speakers
    Nam-Joon Cho, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - Emerging Approaches to Fabricate Supported Lipid Bilayers: Moving Beyond Vesicles
    Changyou Gao, Zhejiang University,China - Surface Design of Biomaterials for Mediating Selective Cell Adhesion and Migration
    See all speakers here!
    Register Link (English): https://www.wjx.top/jq/41348225.aspx
    Register Link (Chinese): https://www.wjx.top/jq/34271538.aspx
    Contact: Lauren Li
    Email: lauren.li@biolinscientific.com Tel.: +86 186 1838 2402

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