Eva Ekerot Mar 16, ’23

New QSense Omni - sharper QCM-D data and a smooth journey in the lab

Biolin Scientific, Gothenburg-based inventors of the QCM-D technology, introduce a game-changing instrument platform enabling more scientists and researchers to successfully measure surface interactions at a nanoscale. The new platform, QSense Omni, offers an easy-to-use, modular, and upgradeable suite of instruments that provide unsurpassed performance and are specifically designed to make QCM-D technology manageable for more users.

“QSense instruments provide high-quality data, relevant for a broad range of science and research applications”, says Karin Fischer, CEO at Biolin Scientific. Karin Fisher continues, “Biolin Scientific is well-established in academia. Now we will start the journey to increase Biolin’s footprint into fast-growing industrial sectors, such as research and development in pharmaceuticals and electronics.”

“QSense Omni is specifically designed to aid users in achieving successful measurements.” Says Eva Ekerot, Global Portfolio Manager. “It does so thorough smart automation and highly controlled measurement conditions and procedures, ensuring optimal set-up quality and minimizing the risk of human error and unwanted variations.”

Biolin Scientific’s ambition is to provide instrumentation that enables scientists and researchers to unfold new insights and push the boundaries of science and innovation. QSense Omni is a testament to this ambition. This new platform will undoubtedly make QCM-D technology accessible to more users and well-suited for industrial settings, unlocking new discoveries and opportunities that were previously out of reach.

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