Annika Edh Mar 29, ’21

Meet Theta Flow

Today Theta Flow from Attension is released to customers in research facilities for R&D and quality control across the world. The new premium optical tensiometer is remarkably easy to use, brings automation to a new high, and offers improved accuracy with its high-end camera, image enhancement, and sensors. 

“We are really proud of our new product. Theta Flow is the perfect choice for researchers looking for a premium option. It will be especially suitable in quality control with many samples, in demanding surface research, and in large labs with plenty of users where there is a need to reduce the risk of user-dependent results. High accuracy and high automation are key components for Theta Flow. The result is really precise measurements and reliable results.”, says Global Product Manager for Attension Jyrki Korpela.

Following up the award-winning tensiometer Theta Flex, winning a Red Dot in 2020 for its neat design and user-friendliness, Theta Flow customers can enjoy even more advantages with the new premium instrument.

  • Camera autofocus, automatic surface mapping, and automatically generated results are a few of the features bringing automation to a new level for optical tensiometers, simplifying the measurements and increasing accuracy.
  • With a camera resolution at 5 MP, image enhancements with DropletPlus technology, and sensors keeping track of the surrounding environment for good traceability, Theta Flow will provide highly accurate results. The reliable data, in turn, is a key component for user-independent measurements.
  • The touch display improves the user experience making measurement preparation super smooth to handle. Everything from filling the liquids to changing your sample can be done easily at the instrument in seconds.

Just like the other instruments in the Theta family, the new instrument is also using the industry-leading software OneAttension, which combines optimal ease-of-use with a high-level of functionality. 

Theta Flow is available for orders from Biolin Scientific and our local distribution partners, show your interest here. Read more about the new instrument and watch the video on the product page

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