~ 3 min

Effect of interfacial phenomena on carbon capture and storage

With all the approaches successful CO2 storage is mainly related to fluid-fluid and fluid-rock interfacial interactions.

< 7 min

QCM-D data analysis - How to tell a bulk shift from an adlayer

Read about how you can tell a QCM-D bulk shift from a response due to molecular adsorption.

< 7 min

Interfacial tension, contact angle, and dilatational rheology studies in food science

The knowledge of surface tension, contact angle, and viscoelastic properties of emulsions, solutions, and foams have great importance in food science.

> 14 min

QCM-D – a microbalance for molecule surface interaction analysis

Learn more about Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring technology, QCM-D, from a user perspective.

~ 3 min

Wettability of electrodes - Electrode calendering in Li-ion batteries

Calendering, a common compaction process for Li-ion batteries, will significantly impact the pore structure and thus also the wettability of the electrode.

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