Contact Angle

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Wettability of fiber reinforced composites

For the mechanical performance of the composite, the adhesion between fiber and the matrix is of utmost importance.

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Hydrophobic surfaces – How hydrophobic coatings are used and studied?

Hydrophobic coatings are used in many consumers products. Contact angle measurements can be used to study them.

> 3 min

What are anti-fogging surfaces?

Anti-fogging coatings can be studied with contact angle measurements.

< 4 min

Contact angle measurements on small areas

Picoliter dispenser can be used to facilitate contact angle measurements on small areas.

< 6 min

Wetting in electronics - How HMDS treatment works?

HMDS is used to render the surface of silicon more hydrophobic and thus to match better with the chemistry of the photoresist.

< 7 min

Contact angle measurements in electronics

Contact angle measurements can be used in electronic manufacturing to check the surface properties of the substrate prior to the next process step.

> 8 min

7 ways to measure contact angle

Due to a wide range of applications, the measurement of wettability, i.e., the contact angle measurement can be done with several different methods.

~ 3 min

What is a sessile drop method?

The word sessile comes from the Latin word sessilis which could be translated as sitting. Sessile droplets can thus be considered as sitting droplet

> 3 min

Water contact angle measurements for surface treatment quality control

Quality control is needed to detect any possible problems early on and contract angle measurement provides an excellent tool for that. 

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