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< 19 min

Save time in the lab with Design of Experiments

Learn about design of experiments, an efficient approach to experimental planning, execution and analysis.

> 7 min

QCM-D tips and tricks – three steps to optimize the data quality

Learn about three simple ways that can help you get the most out of your QCM-D data collection.

> 6 min

Collecting quality data - QCM-D baseline basics

A prerequisite for successful data analysis is good input data. Learn about the key characteristics of a quality baseline and how to get there.

> 10 min

How to get published in high-impact journals

Read this interview with a writing coach to get some tips and tricks on how to get published in high-impact scientific journals.

~ 8 min

Stress less and free time with structure

Learn how to structure your work to get in control of ypur calendar

> 9 min

Take care of your mind and avoid burnout in academia

Read the interview with Dr Deborah Rupert to learn about how work-related stress can be reduced and how burnout can be avoided.

> 5 min

How to optimize the QCM baseline stability

Here we will list 9 things that could affect the stability of your QCM-D baseline, and give advice on how to address them if you are experiencing drift.

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