Molecular Electronics and Photonics

LB and LS are used to make well-controlled surfaces. This technology can be applied to the creation molecular level electronic devices by using supramolecular assembly at interfaces.

LB and LS can be used in fabrication of well-controlled surfaces. This can be used to create molecular level electronic devices by supramolecular assembly at interfaces. It is also possible to prepare single-molecule thin electronic devices from, for example, graphene, carbon nanotubes and nano- or micro-sized metal particles or rods.

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An example of a supramolecular optoelectronic device preparation by π-π stacking molecules with LS deposition is reported here:

Langmuir-Schaeffer Films from a π-π Stacking Perylenediimide Dye: Organization and Charge Transfer Properties

Antti Tolkki, Elina Vuorimaa, Vladimir Chukharev, Helge Lemmetyinen, Petri Ihalainen, Jouko Peltonen, Volker Dehm, and Frank Würthner

Langmuir (2010), 26 (9), 6630-6637

Conjugated photoactive perylendiimide dyes could be fabricated into optoelectronic devices by sequential LS dipping of the dye molecules from air-water interface. The molecules formed columnar aggregates perpendicular to the surface which displayed charge transfer properties that are did not occur in randomly-oriented film of the same molecule prepared by spin coating.

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