• Surface Science – a field rich in science and applications (Webinar)

    9–10 Jun


    @ Online

    Historically Surface Science is an outgrowth from several fields of physics and chemistry. One strong “leg” derives from solid state physics, and encompasses the studies of structure, electron structure and dynamics of two-dimensional systems. Another leg, pioneered by Langmuir is the study of chemical processes at surfaces.
    Surface science underlies and supports many technically important processes and properties like semiconductor processing for microelectronics, heterogenous catalysis, corrosion and corrosion protection, coatings, lubrication, surfactants, (anti)fouling, adhesion, biocompatible materials and electrochemical processes. Development in these and related areas has occurred by simultaneous developments of specific surface science methods like XPS/UPS, AES, SIMS, AFM and STM.

  • EUROCOAT 2020 (Conference)

    15–17 Sep

    Paris, France

    @ PARIS EXPO PORTE DE VERSAILLES Hall 2.2 1 place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 PARIS – FRANCE

    Meet us and our partners Quantum Design France! Let us discuss how can we together improve your coating process!

  • Analytica (Conference)

    19–22 Oct

    München, Germany

    @ Messe München GmbH

    Meet us at Analytica 2020!
    You will find our team at booth A3 / 218 and they are ready to answer all of your questions!

  • QSense User Meeting 2020 (User Meeting)

    16–18 Nov

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    @ Nääs Fabriker,Spinnerivägen 1, 448 51 Tollered

    Innovation. Inspiration. Insight.
    During the days we will dive deeper into a variety of applications to learn more about the role of QCM-D in oil and gas, detergents and surfactants as well as biotech and pharmaceuticals. Want to progress your science with QCM-D? We have experts happy to coach you into getting the maximum out of your QSense instrument.
    To see the Agenda, learn more about our speakers and more, just click here!
    If you have any questions, we are just one email away!

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