Custom troughs

Custom troughs

At Biolin Scientific we understand that the requirements of molecular research experiments can be extremely varied and that our standard products may not offer the exact specifications that you desire.

This is why we also offer to design and manufacture custom solutions, working closely with you to create a piece of molecular film research equipment to perfectly match your requirements.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project with one of our product specialists.

KSV NIMA has a depth of experience in providing custom solutions to scientists in academia and industry. A few examples are listed below.

Langmuir Troughs

  • Zero order trough (for enzyme kinetics)
  • Multi-compartment trough (for Fromhertz experiments)
  • Conductivity trough (for conductivity studies)

Langmuir-Blodgett Deposition Troughs

  • Customized dipping well for 8 inches wafer

If you have questions about any of these systems or about some that are not listed, please contact your closest Biolin Scientific KSV NIMA representative.