Anna Oom Apr 27, ’18

Biolin Scientific announces Nanoscience Instruments as distribution partner to expand the business in North America

Biolin Scientific AB announces today that it has appointed Nanoscience Instruments, Inc as its distribution partner in North America. The agreement involves the distribution of QSense, Attension (only U.S. market)* and KSV NIMA instruments. Under the agreement, Nanoscience Instruments will also become the primary provider of service and application support in the U.S. & Canada.

Nanoscience Instruments sells and supports a wide variety of analytical solutions to academia and industry. Nanoscience Instruments specializes in surface science and nanoscale microscopy instrumentation, including benchtop SEMs, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, optical metrology, micro and nanomechanical characterization, electrospinning and electrospraying manufacturing, as well as consumables and accessories for these instruments.

“With Nanoscience instruments as our distributor partner, we strengthen our position and presence in the U.S. surface science market”, says Johan Westman, CEO of Biolin Scientific. "Expanding our network of sales, support personnel and application specialists will enable our customers to benefit from increased service levels and more customers to benefit from our innovative solutions.”

“We’re proud that Biolin Scientific has chosen us to be their distribution partner in the U.S. The cutting edge line of instrumentation aligns with our numerous industrial, academic and government customers”, says Sebastian Kossek, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments. “This is an important partnership that will strengthen and expand scientific research in the US and Canada.”

“Service and support are the cornerstones of Nanoscience Instruments”, says Mark Flowers, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments. “We look forward to extending our support to existing Biolin Scientific customers in the US and Canada.”

For more information, please contact Johan Westman, CEO at Biolin Scientific AB.

*In Canada, the Attension products will continue to be distributed by Spectra Research Corporation.

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