Annika Edh Jul 2, ’20

Theta Flex to Red Dot Online Exhibition

Our award-winning instrument Theta Flex is now featured in the prestigious Red Dot Online Exhibition. The Red Dot Award jury is highlighting the clear aesthetics and user friendliness of our optical tensiometer. Let's hear it from the jury: 

"This optical measuring instrument for determining surface tension offers an outstandingly user-friendly and extremely precise manner of interaction. Markings with blue accent colour ensure good user guidance, while the differently sized thumb screws allow different parts to be set precisely. In addition, Theta Flex also impresses with its highly practical modular structure. This enables the instrument to be used cost-effectively in both research and industrial areas of application."

Clear aesthetics

The design of devices in science, research and industry applications largely defines the user experience of the people working in those areas. Theta Flex is an optical surface science instrument for use in the academy and the industry for research, development and quality control. It measures properties such as surface wetting, for instance, and thus is suitable for use in the electronics, chemical and the pharmaceutical industry. The stringent design of the device is inspired by the brand values of Share, Care and Dare, which have been interpreted in the creation process as the maxims of Science, Progress Together and Nordic. This tensiometer offers a high degree of robustness and reliability. Based on a modular design, it allows switching between different configurations without the need for any tools. All necessary settings are made using ergonomic thumb screws that can be easily adjusted. Theta Flex enables highly user-friendly handling, as the interaction points of the instrument have been marked with a blue accent colour for clear orientation during use. An LED status indicator shows the instrument status, such as whether there is a measurement ongoing or whether user input is needed. With its clear design reduced to the essential elements, this tensiometer impressively communicates the properties and values of precision, quality and innovativeness.

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