What we can help you with

  • Technical problems
    If you have a technical problem with your instrument or an application question, please contact our support
  • Pre-studies
    Pre-studies can be conducted by our application scientists to assess the feasibility of your research proposal, test samples for verification, and demonstrate the suitability of our KSV NIMA products to your research.
  • User training
    Application scientists provide user training for both beginners and advanced users. User training can be given at your premises and combined with the installation or you are welcome to visit also our lab facilities. Please contact your closest Biolin Scientific representative for additional information.
  • Installation services
    A trained professional from the Biolin Scientific distribution network can install, align and calibrate your instrument. Installation can be also completed by on-site training and first measurements by a KSV NIMA specialist. This enables a smooth familiarization with your instrument and rapid start to your experiments.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Verification Service
    The Preventative Maintenance and Verification Service secures that your instrument is properly adjusted and calibrated to produce reliable and accurate results. The service is performed by Biolin Scientific certified service engineers and helps to extend the lifetime and productivity of your equipment, all to keep you confident with your instrument and your results. The service includes:
    • Exchange of typical wearable parts
    • Software updates
    • System calibration
    • Functionality verifi cation test
    • Certificate of performance
    The Preventative Maintenance and Verification Service is recommended once per year for maximum performance of your instrument.
  • Service contracts
    For our most advanced systems, we offer extensive service contracts to ensure the very best utilization of your instrument as we stay by your side throughout the use of your equipment. Including onsite preventative maintenance, possible repairs and application training, our team of certified service engineers and experienced application specialists will make sure that your instrument is always running at its best. 

    Read more about support and service for KSV NIMA  instruments here!