What we can help you with

  • Technical problems
    If you have a technical problem with your instrument or an application question, please contact our support
  • Service contracts 
    The QSense Service contracts ensure the very best utilization of your instrument as we stay by your side throughout the use of your equipment. Including preventative maintenance, support, and possible repairs and training, our team of certified service engineers and experienced application specialists will make sure that your instrument is always running at its best. We have three levels of service plans, read more, and find your best fit in the following tab. 
  • Preventative maintenance
    Preventative maintenance ensures that your instrument stays in shape and produces accurate and reliable results. It includes:
    • Exchange of typical wearable parts
    • Software updates
    • Functionality verification test
    • Certificate of performance
  • Training and courses
    Our training sessions will help you get the most out of your QSense instrument. Our educational range covers for example:
    • Start-up training with instrument purchase
    • QCM-D training
    • Custom-made training
    • QSense Scientific User Meetings
Contact us to discuss your service and support needs!

Service plans



3 levels of service


  • Technical support by phone and email
  • Preventative maintenance once/year*

* Onsite for QSense Pro and QSense E4 Auto.

Available upon request and invoiced separately : Software upgrades, Onsite training and support once/year


  • Technical support by phone and emai
  • Preventative maintenance once/year*
  • Emergency repair onsite, 50% parts and labour included
  • Software upgrades

* Onsite for QSense Pro and QSense E4 Auto.

Available upon request and invoiced separately : Onsite training and support once/year for QSense Explorer and Analyzer (E1 and E4) instruments


  • Technical support by phone and email
  • Preventative maintenance once/year
  • Emergency repair onsite, parts and labour included
  • Software upgrades
  • Onsite training and support once/year
  • Extended warranty


Training and courses

Training will help you get the most out of your QSense instrument. Our educational range aims to get you comfortable in the laboratory so that you can discover the many ways QCM-D can bring your research forward. By offering assistance and education on data analysis and data modelling we also help you to make the most of your experiments and your time invested in the laboratory. During the pandemic, we offer our courses online. Check our event page for scheduled courses 

Start-up Training with instrument purchase

In order to guarantee optimal performance from the very beginning, we offer start-up training. Start-up training covers hands-on operation of the instrument as well as data evaluation. The training enables users to exploit the full potential of the QCM-D system. Start-up training is practically handled differently around the globe, either at customer site, at our training center or online. Ask your local sales representative or email support@q-sense.com for more details.

QCM-D Training Course

Running a QSense instrument and setting-up a QCM-D experiment is easy if you know how to! Our courses are highly appreciated:

"The hands-on training and data analysis training was exactly what I needed to operate the QSense QCM-D with confidence!"

Grier Harlow, Afton Chemical

"It was a very useful training. Archana and Brian were very kind and they answered all our doubts and questions."

Maria Celeste Iglesias, Auburn University

”The Basic Training is a constructive experience, helps to understand how to properly design the experiment and offers a good guidance in the data analysis. It allows meeting experts and helps to expand the network of the users. Good transfer knowledge. Besides, very friendly atmosphere! I Definitely recommend it!”

Di Cola Emanuela, Universita’ Degli Studi di Milano

Get hands-on instrument experience and learn more about applications and the many possibilities of your QSense instrument. Our Application Scientist will walk you through experimental set-up, instrument operations and increase your knowledge on the theory and technology of your QSense instrument. Also let us inspire you with application examples from a number of different research fields and application areas.

The course focuses on hands-on training and application inspiration, we want you to realize the many possibilities of QCM-D.

For our courses we welcome you to one of our training and innovation centers located in Gothenburg (Sweden), New Jersey (USA) and Shanghai (China).

Course goals

  • Understanding of QCM-D theory and technology.
  • Experimental design and set-up.
  • Learn how to operate and set-up own QSense instrument and modules in an optimal way (QSense Pro and/or QSense Analyzer/Explorer instruments and specialized modules).
  • Understanding and interpretation of data output.


When: Scheduled courses are run at all training and innovation centers, please check our calendar for specific dates.

Where: Courses are held in our training and innovation center in Göteborg (Sweden),  in Shanghai (China) or online. Please inquire for other locations.

Maximum number of participants: Pending on site, enquire for further info.

Custom-made training courses to meet your needs

Are you a number of people in your department, research group or institute that would benefit from a QCM-D course? Or, have you been running experiments for a while, but want one-on-one education and guidance by our Application Scientists to get the most out of your own data? Let us help you! We offer custom-made courses where the curriculum is individualized from your/your group’s needs. Using the agenda for the QCM-D Refreshers Course, together we discuss your needs, decide goals and set the tailored course agenda. We run custom-made courses online, in our training centers, or we travel to your site.