The pharmaceutical industry operates in a highly regulated environment. The laws and regulations for testing, patenting and marketing of drugs are stringent and pharmaceutical groups must conduct thorough pre-clinical research and clinical trials. In pre-clinical studies, it is essential to characterize the physicochemical properties of candidate drugs, such as stability and solubility. Further examinations deal with the suitability of compounds in capsules, tablets, aerosols and other kinds of galenic formulations.

Tensiometry in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Surface free energy characterization of drugs to determine processibility and bioavailability of the product.
  • Powders are used as bulk materials in many orally dosed drugs. Powder wettability is an important factor when explaining the solubility in drug delivery and can be measured with the powder wettability device of force tensiometer.
  • Wettability of compressed powder tablets can be determined with contact angle measurement by using optical tensiometry.
  • Biocompatibility of biomaterials can be studied with contact angle measurements to characterize cell adhesion onto the biomaterial.