Eva Ekerot Sep 27, ’17

Biolin Scientific release first commercial version of QSense Dfind – the QCM-D analysis software

Following the launch of the beta software QSense® Dfind in October last year Biolin Scientific here by announce the release of the full version 1.0. The unique QCM-D analysis software supports the analysis process from raw data to final reporting.

“Performing surface science research, QSense and QCM-D data adds invaluable information that cannot be achieved by any other technique. Analyzing the data has been perceived to be both time consuming and cumbersome,” says Eva Ekerot, Global Product Manager at Biolin Scientific. “With this latest version of QSense Dfind software, we are simplifying the handling of QCM-D data and shortening the time required to get the analysis results, while at the same time incorporating many new features requested by our fast growing customer base”.

The new version of QSense Dfind analysis software introduces guided modeling with material library and model fit traffic lights as well as fast and efficient simultaneously analysis of multiple data sets. Also introduced with this release is QSense Dfind SmartTools that gives a range of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. The user can easily organize projects and share their favorite templates with colleagues. The new version has also been updated with a new and more intuitive user interface.

Kenneth Olesen, Senior Staff Scientist at Biolin Scientific, says, “My daily work with QSense and QCM-D data has tremendously been improved with this new version. By simultaneous analysis of several sets of data, I’m not only getting all of the results at the same time but it also enables immediate comparison. The new innovative fitting algorithms in QSense Dfind rapidly calculates the result.”

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