Dfind is the new QSense analysis Software! With QSense Dfind you can forget about cumbersome data preparations, time-consuming analysis of endless data sets one by one and moving data between different software to complete the job. Dfind supports you all the way through your analysis process – from data preparation and analysis to final reporting.

Let QSense Dfind take the difficult out of you QCM-D analysis!

  • Get a complete analysis tool box in one software
  • Exploit the full potential of your data
  • Analyze all your data in one go

Test for free until February 28th 2019 

It is important to us that you experience the benefits from using Dfind as your analysis tool! Until February 28th you can access your license and test QSense Dfind free of charge, with full access to downloads, upgrades and software support. All new test subscription will be valid up until February 28th.

Access free test subscription

What happens when my subscription expires?

We recommend you renew your subscription so that you can continue to access software support, continuous upgrades with new features and improvements and new downloads.

But without a subscription you will still be able to use the downloads you already have.

Upgrade to the latest version

Once you have activated your Dfind subscription you will get access to all software upgrades. You can also download the latest version here.

Need help getting started?

Take a look at our get started tutorials at the bottom of this page.

About QSense Dfind

Get a complete analysis tool box in one intuitive software

With a graphical and intuitive interface QSense Dfind supports your analysis from start to end – from raw data reviewing, through the modelling, to the information extraction and final report.

  • The Guided modelling takes you through your modelling step-by-step
  • The Material library makes it easy for you to configure your modeling setup. Select your sample material from the list, and the correct material settings will be automatically pulled from the library.
  • AutoPlotting visualizes your results throughout your whole analysis

Exploit the full potential of your data

Dfind’s SmartTools offer several analysis methods including shifts, rates and slopes, to help you extract the information needed to fully understand your surface interaction process, such as How much, how fast and what process.

Analyze all your data in one go

To save time, QSense Dfind allows you to review, model and analyze multiple data sets in one go. Organizing your experiments in projects you keep track of the tools that have been used and analyze data sets simultaneously or quickly add new data sets afterwards. You can also reuse your favorite templates or share with colleagues.

How to access QSense Dfind

Getting started with Dfind is easy. This is how to access QSense Dfind. 

  1. Fetch your license key
  2. Download QSense Dfind
  3. Activate QSense Dfind by entering your license key

Access free test subscription

How to install QSense Dfind


Starting to use QSense Dfind

QSense Dfind offers a straightforward workflow—including importing and reviewing measurement data, modeling, data analysis and final reporting of results.

The below instructional films shows how to perform key tasks in QSense Dfind. Dfind test datafiles for selftraining are available for QSense users on the QSense User area.

Computer requirements

  • PC with 64-bit Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • At least 1366×768 px screen resolution
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • 1920×1080 Full HD screen resolution.
  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • At least 50 GB HD space
  • Core i5 5th generation Intel (or comparable) processor or better