Anna Oom Feb 26, ’19

Launch of Attension Theta Flex

Today, Biolin Scientific launches Attension Theta Flex, a new optical tensiometer. Attension Theta Flex enables all measurements in one instrument, thanks to the modular design with several measurement options and all-inclusive software. It is designed to suit both industrial and research applications and holds a completely new design DNA in both hardware and software.

“The new product design has been carefully developed with focus on simplicity and reliability for the user”, says Jyrki Korpela, Global Product Manager for Attension at Biolin Scientific. Mattias Bengtsson, CEO at Biolin Scientific, continues: “The launch of Attension Theta Flex is an important step for Biolin Scientific as it will further strengthen our identity and position in the market. With this product, together with our newly launched web support portal, we are able to deliver a complete user experience to our customers.”

Learn more about Attension Theta Flex.




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