Precision Tensiometers
Attension contact angle meters and tensiometers enable precise surface measurements for industrial R&D and academic research.
Create and define thin films
KSV NIMA Langmuir Blodgett instrumentation enables cutting edge innovation in thin film fabrication and characterization.
Quantifying the Nanoscale World 
Q-Sense QCM-D technology and instrumentation enable analysis of molecular interactions and surface properties.
Characterize ion channels
Sophion patch clamp solutions offer next generation characterization of live cells.

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Upcoming Events

SPS Annual Meeting 2014

Meet the Sophion team at the 14th Annual Meeting Safety Pharmacology Society.

Interfacial Rheology Webinar

Invited speaker is Professor Gerald Fuller, Stanford University, Chemical Engineering

The International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials – China

Biolin Scientific will be exhibiting in Haikou, China

Lab 14 Lillestrøm Norway

Biolin Scientific will be participating in Lab 14 in Lillestrøm Norway on October 28-30 2014. Plea...

CBI Annual Meeting 2014

Meet us at CBI 2014 – Chem-Bio Informatics Societys annual meeting in Tokyo

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