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Smart Interfacial Measurement Solutions for Wettability and Adhesion

Attension® offers leading contact angle and surface tension solutions for industrial quality control and R&D as well as for academic research. The core of Attension solutions is a combination of easy-to-use, smart instrumentation with broad surface science capabilities.


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What our customers say


Our tensiometers are used at MIT to study contact angles and interfacial energy. A researcher at MIT commented, “The reproducibility of the measurements acquired is excellent even with the lowest surface energy values and the tensiometers are quite flexible with regards to sample size. The software is also very useful and the customer support for the products is excellent.”

MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the world focusing on scientific and technological research.

A customer from NASA said he “has enjoyed working with the Attension team as well as the Attension products during novel research projects.”

 (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is a United States governmental agency established in 1958 to look after the nation’s public space program.
Evaluate the influence of surface roughness on wettability


Evaluate the influence of surface roughness on wettability

Learn a new method for correcting contact angle for surface roughness.

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