The Sigma 702 is a standalone force tensiometer that provides accurate surface and interfacial tension measurements (Platinum Du Noüy ring, Platinum Wilhelmy Plate), manual determination of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC) and density measurements. The open design and convenient control keyboard operations make these instruments easy to use without the need for an external computer.

Features & Benefits

  • High precision microbalance and mechanics.
  • Highly accurate motorized sample stages and an open design for convenient use
  • Stand-alone functionality without the need for an external computer


  • Quality control of surfactant solutions
  • Wettability and formulation development
  • Surfactant development

Product details

The open design and convenient control keyboard operations makes the Sigma 702 extremely easy to use. Results are displayed on a large integrated digital screen. Comes with data collection software and can be connected to an external computer for additional data storage and simple reporting.

Sigma 702 can be used, for example, in the chemical industry or electronics industry to measure surface or interfacial tensions in quality control or R&D.

Technical specifications

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