Annika Edh Dec 4, ’20

A perfect time to refill your stock of sensors or invest in a module

Take the opportunity to refill your stock with sensors or expand your research with our modules. Until the end of 2020, we give you a 10% discount when ordering QSense Sensors To Go and Selected Modules.

QSense Sensors To Go
QSense offers the widest range of sensor surface coatings on the market. Whatever you are interested in, we have a solution for you. Our sensors are developed and produced to provide you with stable, reliable, and reproducible data.
QSense Sensors To Go includes the following: QSX 301 Gold, QSXT 301 Gold, Tray*, QSX 303 Silicon Dioxide, QSXT 303 Silicon Dioxide, Tray*, QSX 304 SS2343 (similar to US standard 316) Stainless Steel, QSX 309 Aluminium Oxide, QSX 310 Titanium, QSX 314 Platinum, QSX 312 Tungsten, QSX 313 Copper (inert packaging, limited shelf life), QSX 326 Iron Oxide (Fe3O4), QSX 335 Silicon Dioxide, for QELM 401, QSX 336 Borosilicate glass, QSX 337 Soda-lime glass, QSX 338 Gold, Ti adhesion layer.
Read more about all out QSense sensors here.

Pairing your instrument with our modules will widen the possibilities for your research. Our electrochemistry, ellipsometry, or window module are a few of the options that might come in handy in your work. Have a look at our flyer to see the selection of add-ons or have a look at our modules online here.

Explore your options
The offer is valid through 2020-12-31 on all QSense Sensors To Go and Selected QSense Modules. Contact us or find your local office

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