Follow Nanoscale Molecular Interactions and Surface Phenomena in Real-time 

Q-Sense is a line of analytical instrumentation based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) technology. This technology enables nanoscale mass and structural changes to be measured and therefore offers a robust method for studying molecular interactions and surface phenomena. Measurements are based on changes in vibration frequency of a quartz crystal sensor (an acoustic resonator) in response to interactions or reactions occuring on the sensor surface. The product range includes fully automated systems as well as flexible set-ups with specialty modules together with a wide range of sensor coatings. We recently added 18 new Q-Sensor coatings!

Since 1999, when the first commercial QCM-D instrument was created, Q-Sense has become the world leader in Quartz Crystal Microbalance based instrumentation. Today Q-Sense instruments can be found in over 25 countries worldwide and QCM-D technology has been published in over 2000 publications. Q-Sense has been part of Biolin Scientific since 2003. Q-Sense – the World Leader in Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Today we are proud to offer:

    • The most advanced Quartz Crystal Microbalance on the market
      The Q-Sense Omega Auto has unmatched automation, ease of use and 8-sensor capabilities
    • Precision
      Unlike other microbalances, Q-Sense instruments simultaneously measure both mass and rigidity enabling accurate, quantitative measurements of both rigid and soft films, measuring more than 200 data points/second.
    • Quality
      Q-Sense systems enable you to be up and running in minutes with top of the line data quality, baseline stability and reproducibility. 
    • Versatility
      The Q-Sense platform includes a number of modules that enable the QCM-D technology to be combined with other measurements including electrochemistry, microscopy, ALD, etc. We also offer an extensive range of sensor coatings to meet various industry, application and surface coating needs.

View the Q-Sense Omega Auto Animation: