Are you working with enzymes in detergent solutions?

Enzymes are common ingredients in detergent solutions, adding to the formulation to enhance it with desirable properties such as enhanced removal of certain stains, including fat, or excelling at cold wash temperatures. To tailor and optimize the performance of the full formulation with respect to the desired properties, it is important to fully understand how the single enzyme, the enzyme package or the more complex detergent formulations function in real-time and on the nanoscale. Both the interaction between the enzyme and the specific soil and the removal efficiency as a function of key parameters such as concentration, water quality and temperature, are relevant to characterize to improve the enzyme activity, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the end product. 

Exploring the enzyme interaction for enhanced cleaning efficiency

With QSense® QCM-D technology you can analyze, characterize and rank the performance of single enzymes, multi-enzyme solutions as well as full formulations. Characterization methods include cleaning efficiency ranking via the cleaning profile , which is a fingerprint of how a certain enzyme or formulation interacts with a certain soil material, but it also enables extraction of the enzymatic degradation and  cleaning process with high precision on the nanoscale.