What you can measure

  • Static contact angle 
    Sessile drop and captive bubble
  • Dynamic contact angle 
    Dynamic contact angle, advancing and receding contact angle and contact angle hysteresis
  • Surface free energy 
    Sessile drop and captive bubble
  • Surface- and interfacial tension 
    Pendant drop and reverse pendant drop methods

A quick view

This 2-minute video provides you with the basics of measuring under high pressures and high temperatures with Theta High Pressure. Watch it in fullscreen for the best experience! 

3 reasons to invest

Optimal for surfactants and brine

With the integrated piston you can increase the pressure without adding more fluid. This allows you to to keep the surfactant concentration constant and corrosive fluids are restricted to the chamber only.  

Easy to use

Theta High Pressure has plenty of smart solutions simplifying your work. The sample port enables direct introduction of your sample with a syringe and direct cleaning of the same sample line without passing through a pump. With our optional automatic pump the pressure can be changed with just one click. 

Intuitive software

Highly intuitive with high functionality. The OneAttension software facilitates your experiments and provide instant results. The software features live analysis and automatic measurements.  

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A closer look at the specifics

Theta High Pressure is based on our Theta Flow and Theta Flex tensiometers. Theta High Pressure comes in different variations. Are you measuring liquids, gases, or both? What level of automation do you want? 

Base unit
Theta Flow
Theta Flex

Available Measurements

Static contact angle and captive bubble
Batch contact angle
Dynamic contact angle
Meniscus contact angle
Surface/Interfacial tension
3D surface roughness and roughness-corrected contact angle
Interfacial rheology
Surface free energy

Zisman Plot, OWRK/Extended Fowkes, van Oss Acid-Base, Wu, Neumann’s Equation of State, Schultz 1 and 2

Software and hardware

Measuring range (°, mN/m)

0…180, 0.01…2000

0…180, 0.01…2000
Accuracy (°, mN/m)

±0.1, ±0.01

±0.1, ±0.01
Maximum sample size (mm)


Unlimited×100×320 (with stage)
Integrated sample holders
Maximum resolution (px)

2592 x 2048 (5 MP)

1984 × 1264 (2.3 MP)
Maximum measuring speed (fps)



CMOS 1'' USB 3.0 digital camera with zoom

CMOS 2/3'' USB 3.0 digital camera with zoom
Image focusing

Software-controlled autofocus, manual fine focus in optics

Manual fine focus in optics
Image quality

Enhanced with DropletPlus technology, native

Camera protection

Inside instrument covers

Inside instrument covers
Camera view angle (°)

-4.5 ... 2.5, with digital scale

-4.5 ... 2.5, with mechanical scale
Light source and size

LED based homogeneous background lighting, 62 x 62 mm

LED based background lighting, 62 x 62 mm
Field of view (Ø, mm)


Measurement indicator LED
Integrated touch display
Environment monitoring
Disposable tip dispensing

OneAttension, includes all measurement modes

OneAttension, includes all measurement modes

Dimensions — Basic frame (L×W×H, mm)

765 x 230 x 435

765 x 230 x 435
Weight — Basic frame (kg)


Power supply (VAC)


Frequency (Hz)




Manual measurements of liquids


Automated measurements of liquids


Automated measurements of liquids and gases

Base unit

Theta Flex Theta Flow Theta Flow

Included high pressure pumps

2 manual pumps 2 automated HPLC pumps 1 automated syringe pump
1 automated HPLC pump

Temperature range

ambient...200C ambient...200C 1...200C

Measurement types

Surface tension, interfacial tension, contact angle, surface free energy  

Maximum pressure

400 bar  

Chamber volume

85ml (without piston), 40-62ml (with piston)  

Pressure control options

Pressure increase by piston or by adding more liquid/gas with pump  

Sample introduction and flushing

Through integrated 6-port valve  

Max solid sample size

20 mm x 20 mm x 8 mm (xyz)  


74 cm x 25 cm x 61 cm (L x W x H) for base unit and chamber  


35-38 kg (base unit and chamber)  

Power supply

100 - 240 V AC  


50 - 60 Hz  


OneAttension Software

We made our software for Theta High Pressure with you in mind. It is a fine combination of a very intuitive interface and high functionality. Follow your experiment live, and get the results within seconds. OneAttension is analyzing made easy. Let's have a look at the features! 





OneAttension Features

  • User friendly interface
    To get you going in no time
  • Automatic baseline detection and drop shape fitting
    Less user dependency
  • Pressure stored in software
    Revisit your results and the experimental conditions
  • Full temperature control
    Automatic control between 1... 200 degrees C with optional heating
  • Live analysis
    Instant results ready during the measurements
  • Volume from image
    Droplet volume is detected from the drop shape
  • Autofocus keeps the picture sharp
    Less user-dependency, more accuracy
  • Optimized image quality
    Ultra-high resolution image optimized for reliable results


Accessories and Modules

Added extras give you more possibilities and opportunities in your research. Have a look at what you can complement Theta High Pressure with. You can find the full range of accessories below. 


Resistor temperature control for HPC

Resistor temperature control for T317. Temperature range: ambient…200 °C.


Peltier temperature control for HPC

Peltier temperature control for T317. Temperature range: 1…70 °C. Includes Peltier element and T102USB (Julabo).


Automatic liquid pump for HPC

Automatic Shimadzu liquid pump for pressurizing the chamber or creating a droplet of liquid.


Automatic liquid and gas pump for HPC

Automatic ISCO pump for pressurizing the chamber with liquids or gasses.


What others say

Our instruments are present at many prestigious universities and research facilities worldwide. Take a minute to find out what others say about Theta High Pressure. 



Dr Nassar Group for Nanotechnology Research, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary

"We are studying the role of naturally-derived nanoparticles in oil and gas application. We use nanoparticles to study foam stability, IFT reduction and wettability studies as well as dilatational interfacial rheological studies."


University of Calgary, Canada

"We are utilizing the Attension Theta High Pressure mostly for the IFT and wettability measurements and the PD200 system for the dilatational interfacial rheological measurements. We are satisfied with the performance of all the instruments from Biolin Scientific. The instruments are user friendly and easy to maintain. We are also contented with the after-sales service."

Read more in this Case study


Jin Haichuan, Beihang University

"We are satisfied with the performance the system and it's also easy to clean the chamber and maintain the system. We are also very satisfied with the after-sales service."


Beihang University, China

Beihang University is a major public research university located in Beijing, China. The university emphasizes in engineering, technology, and the hard sciences. Beihang University is using the Theta High Pressure system in their research. 


Learn more

We have gathered all our in-depth knowledge associated with Theta High Pressure. Browse around amongst webinars, case studies and white papers to find a topic of your interest. 

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