Peristaltic pump, Ismatec IPC-N 4

This pump is included with the QSense® Analyzer system (previously Q-Sense E4). The IPC-N4 is designed for analytical applications and enables high-precision flow measurements. Further information can be found here.

Peristaltic pump, 2 channels

Masterflex Ismatec Reglo is the default pump included in the QSense® Explorer and QSense® Initiator systems. The compact Masterflex Ismatec Reglo has a low pulsation flow and also provides very low flow rates. Further information can be found here

Syringe pump, Univentor—864 QS

As an alternative to peristaltic pumps, QSense offers the Univentor 864 QS pump. It comes with an easy-to-use control software developed by QSense and a liquid handling set for simple operation with the QSense Analyzer system (previously QSense E4).