The PTFE module is similar to the standard Flow module*, QFM 401, but the titanium flow part is replaced by PTFE. It has proven to be useful for plasma samples containing components that normally would interact with, and aggregate on, titanium.

The standard configuration includes Viton O-rings, but this can be upgraded to Kalrez to enable work with more harsh chemicals.


General specifications
Compatibility Compatible with all QSense sensors, QSense Explorer, Analyzer and Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)
Internal volume 100 μl (above the sensor)
Type of measurements  Flow or stagnant liquid measurements
Maximum temperature 110 °C
Materials exposed to the liquid Viton® (standard O-ring) or Kalrez® (high resistance O-ring), PTFE (flow path)
Cleaning All parts may be disassembled for separate cleaning, except the module base contacting the chamber platform
Dimensions Height: 35 mm; Width: 35 mm; Depth: 63 mm
* Note that QFM 401 has a temperature loop that is missing in QTM 401.




  • All QSense sensors
  • QSense Explorer
  • QSense Analyzer
  • QSense Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)