The holder is open on both sides of the sensor to prevent uneven pressure changes. A common application is Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).


General specifications
Compatibility Compatible with all QSense sensors, QSense Explorer, Analyzer and Pro
Maximum pressure No limit
Type of measurements  Gas measurements in vacuum and high pressure chambers
Maximum temperature 250 °C
Materials exposed to the liquid Stainless steel (holder and ring), Macor (holder), aluminum (holder) and Kapton (cable)
Dimensions Height: 5 mm; Width: 24 mm; Depth: 32 mm
Length of cables Electronics unit to vacuum/high pressure chamber: 80 cm. Vacuum/high pressure chamber to ALD holder: 1 m
Customer installation/adaption required.
Delivered with 2 cables: one to connect the ALD holder to the inside of the vacuum or high pressure chamber and one to connect the chamber to the QCM-D electronics unit.
Screw holes to enable mounting in vacuum/high pressure chamber.



  • All QSense sensors
  • QSense Explorer
  • QSense Analyzer
  • QSense Pro