QSense® Flow module offers high flexibility and is the primary choice for any application measuring QCM-D alone. The module can be used by continuous flow, stopped flow, and even in gas phase flow as long as there is no overpressure. It is used for measurements within the full range of QCM-D applications. The design of the Flow module results in a homogenous flow profile that ensures even sample exposure, good thermal stability and lowers risk of trapping air bubbles.

The standard configuration is designed for aqueous experiments, while optional high resistance sealing gaskets in Kalrez adds compatibility with harsh chemicals.


General specifications
Compatibility Compatible with all QSense sensors, QSense Explorer, Analyzer and Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)
Internal volume Total ~140 μl
Flow channel ~100 μl, above sensor ~40 μl
Type of measurements  Flow or stationary liquid measurements
Maximum temperature 150 °C (if “H” inscripted)
Materials exposed to the liquid Viton® (standard O-rings and sealing gasket) or Kalrez® (high resistance O-rings and sealing gasket) and titanium (flow path)
Cleaning All parts may be disassembled for separate cleaning, except the module base contacting the chamber platform
Includes a temperature loop that stabilizes sample temperature.



  • Compatible with all QSense sensors
  • QSense Explorer
  • QSense Analyzer
  • QSense Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)