Measurements of vapor uptake and release from thin films coated on the sensor can be conducted. A typical application for this module is to measure the swelling of polymer or cellulose films. The use of this saturated salt equilibrium vapor pressure chamber is a well-established and cost-effective method if compared to the use of a humidity generator in conjunction with e.g. standard flow module.

The sensor surface is separated from the liquid flow by a GORE-membrane* thereby creating an air-filled compartment over the sensor. Flowing saturated salt solutions over the membrane will generate a specific and controlled relative humidity in the volume above the sensor surface. The humidity above the sensor equilibrates almost instantly, enabling real-time measurements.


General specifications
Compatibility Compatible with all QSense sensors, QSense Explorer, Analyzer and Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)
Internal volume Air pocket: 100 mm3 between the sensor and the membrane Liquid flow system: 120 μl from inlet to outlet (above membrane)
Type of measurements  Vapor sorption / desorption
Maximum temperature 70 °C
Materials exposed to the liquid Viton® (O-ring and sealing gasket), titanium (flow path), GORE-membrane
Cleaning All parts may be disassembled for separate cleaning, except the module base
contacting the chamber platform. Do not use surfactants to clean the membrane, only pure water.
Dimensions Height: 35 mm; Width: 35 mm; Depth: 63 mm

* GORE is a trademark of W.L. Gore & Associates




  • Compatible with all QSense sensors
  • QSense Explorer
  • QSense Analyzer
  • QSense Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)