The chamber enables extensive characterization of the temperature dependence of material properties, including phase transitions, film degradation, shrinkage, swelling, and changes in viscoelasticity.

You can conduct closer studies of surface coatings, polymer films and brushes, and nanocomposite materials, but the chamber is also highly useful for characterization of surface interaction processes such as molecular uptake/release, conformational changes, detergent and surfactant efficiency, and sedimentation of oil-based products. This stand-alone chamber is compatible with all modules except for QEM 401 and QWEM 401.

* Note that an exterior heater/cooler aid is required to reach temperatures below RT and above RT +60 °C.


General specifications
Compatibility Compatible with all QSense sensors, QSense Explorer, Analyzer and Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)
Internal volume Total ~140 µl
Flow channel ~100 µl, above sensor ~40 µl
Type of measurements  Flow or stagnant liquid or gas measurements
Temperature range Ambient + 60 °C, i.e. 80 °C in normal RT.
Temperature range with cooling device/laboratory hot plate 4 - 150 °C
Materials exposed to the liquid Viton® (standard O-rings and sealing gasket) or Kalrez® (high resistance O-rings and sealing gasket) and titanium (flow path)
Dimensions Height: 80 mm; Width: 90 mm; Depth: 110 mm, Weight: 2 kg
Includes:  QFM 401
Complementary Products: QSense offers a laboratory hot plate, compatible with QHTC 101, and a sample heater from Grant, ESA 003.




  • All QSense sensors
  • QSense Explorer
  • QSense Analyzer
  • QSense Pro (via an add-on Explorer chamber)