Season 2 – Episode 5 Adhesion – relevant for so much more than just glue

How come paint sticks to the wall? And what makes the ink, used to print logos and text on the milk carton, stay in place?

In this episode of Season 2 of Science on surfaces we talk to Susanna Lauren at Biolin Scientific about adhesion. Susanna did her Ph.D. on microfluidics and superhydrophobic surfaces and is an expert on surface related phenomena, such as surface tension, surface free energy, wettability, and adhesion.

Susanna describes how adhesion is defined and talks about the three different components that, in combination, give rise to this phenomenon. We then move on to talk about in what areas adhesion is important and what different factors that affect it. We also get to learn more about what possibilities there are to predict the quality of the adhesion and how it can be tested.

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